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Innovating Is Saving or Why Phone Number List in R&d Is the Key

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To improving your income statement Published on 03/27/2017 by APD Writing R+D+iInnovation Companies face a new challenge: the need to face phone number list be aware of all the changes in fiscal policy that the Government has recently announced. Changes that imply adapting to new measures such as greater support for innovation and proposing a good strategy both at the fiscal and tax levels if they want to continue being competitive and productive in the new economic environment. Betting on Research, Development and Technological Innovation (R+D+I) projects is gaining more prominence every day in business strategies, being a decisive task to phone number list business growth and, consequently, the future of the company. But do we really know how investment in R&D&i can positively affect the income statement of your business?

Under the slogan "incentives for R&D&I in the new economic environment", APD has organized the conference 'Innovate is Saving' in which phone number list experts in the field will analyze the financing and taxation of R&D&I, its reality, context and main challenges. Present and future of R&D in Spain: innovation as a business strategy The event will take place in two parts; a first round table where the current tax issues of R&D in Spain will be phone number list  addressed, with the intervention of experts from the sector, both public and private, as well as representatives of companies specialized in the field. Next, experts and managers will analyze the new budgetary phone number list regarding the new incentives for R&D&i , discussing their application and real consequences for the reality of large, medium and small companies in our country.

If you want to understand why 'Innovating is Saving' , don't miss next March 30 at the SH Valencia Palace hotel (Paseo Alameda 32, Valencia) the conference phone number list debate organized by APD. We will wait for you!The three serious risks of ignoring Big Data Posted on 04/10/2017 by APD Writing big dataInnovationDigital Transformation Big Data is the new industrial revolution , the train that companies must get on if they want to adapt to new competitive situations. It is still something that is not fully exploited, so it represents a path that is still phone number list to take, but it is the future .

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